SERIFOS - Holiday impressions

Brighten up your holidays with the light of the Aegean

Serifos, a holiday destination for those looking for something above and beyond the glittery façade. Some islands remain essentially unchanged. Serifos is one of them; If you like rugged countrysides, you’ll be mightily impressed by the wonderful shapes nature has sculpted into the hillsides. Memories of older, more innocent times will come flooding back.
Award-winning beaches You’ll need several summers to explore all 40 of Serifos’ officially recognised beaches. Take your pick; blue or green, shallow or deep waters, sand or pebbles, shaded or sun-drenched, blessed by a chapel or garnished with its very own taverna...
Upstairs-downstairs… in Hora. Whitewashed houses cling to each other as they perch on the rim of vertical rocks. It’s a Cycladic maze of whitewashed alleys and small courtyards and cascading bougainvillea, a startling contrast with the bare expanse of mountains beyond. At night it becomes one big party as the tables fill with appetisers, ouzo, coffees and other drinks.
Serifos island is a mining museum. Discover the open-air mining museum and iluminating chats with former iron miners, will give you insights into the island’s main source of income in years past.

Experience the present & past of Serifos

Sightseeing, Churches & Monasteries, Museums and Summer Feasts are bound to give you an insight into the island’s history and tradition.

Current information on entertainment, dining and happenings on Serifos.

More than 70 beaches in Serifos

Here you will find a variety of beaches to suit each and every taste; pebbly or golden sandy beaches with crystal clear waters.
Some of Serifo's beaches are accessible by car, others by foot - following scenic walking tracks - and others by boat. While some of them feature modern amenities and others are more isolated, in almost all of them you can enjoy the shade under the trees.

Traditional villages in Serifos

Hora, the capital of Serifos, is an architecturally protected settlement that features the traditional Cycladic colours and architecture. This is a typical Mediaeval fortified settlement, built amphitheatrically on a rocky hill at the bay of Livadi to protect the inhabitants from pirate raids. Dozens of traditional villages are waiting for you to discover their original Cycladic architecture & tradition.

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